Workplace Electric Vehicle (EV) charging offers many benefits for business owners, employees and visitors such as:

Employee Attraction and Retention: Free or low-cost workplace EV charging is an attractive benefit for current and prospective employees. It offers convenience and relief from range anxiety, encouraging more employees to transition to electric vehicles.

Additional Revenue Stream: Some businesses charge fees for the use of their charging stations, creating an additional revenue stream. Moreover, retail businesses find that EV charging stations motivate customers to stay and browse longer, potentially increasing sales

Reduced Carbon Footprint: By providing EV charging stations, businesses can lower their carbon footprint and employees will contribute less fossil fuel emissions. This can aid in meeting corporate sustainability goals and enhancing brand image.

Investing in workplace EV charging infrastructure can bring substantial benefits to businesses, from attracting and retaining employees to creating new revenue streams and improving sustainability. As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to grow, these benefits are likely to become increasingly significant.


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