Body Corp EV Charging

The Electrifying Challenge:EV Charging and Body Corps

The push towards electric vehicles (EVs) is gaining momentum as the world seeks more sustainable transportation options. However, as many early adopters are discovering, the infrastructure to support this new wave of transport isn't always readily available, particularly in shared residential areas managed by body corporations or strata. Installing EV charging stations in these communal buildings presents unique challenges that need addressing.

Navigating the Logistics of Shared Power

One of the primary issues Body Corps struggles with is the logistical quandary of how to install a shared resource like an EV charging station. Apartment complexes and shared communities weren't designed with this forward-thinking technology in mind, and retrofitting parking structures or garages to accommodate EV charging stations requires meticulous planning. 

  • Power Capacity: Older buildings may not have the electrical infrastructure to support multiple EV chargers. Upgrades could be costly and complex.
  • Electricity Billing: Determining how to measure and bill individual electricity usage for EV charging can be complicated, especially in a building with existing shared electrical costs.

Cost Considerations

The installation of EV chargers can be a significant expense, raising the question of who bears the financial responsibility. Installation costs include the charging unit, potential electrical upgrades, labour, and ongoing maintenance.

  • Installation Expenses: Upfront costs can deter some Body Corps from considering the installation of EV charging points.
  • Funding and Incentives: Financial incentives offered by governments to encourage EV uptake are rarely extended to the installation of communal charging stations.

Regulatory Backstops

Regulation is another hurdle to jump. Zoning laws, property bylaws, or building regulations may not align with the requirements needed to install EV charging infrastructure.

  • Bylaw Amendments: Some Body Corporates may encounter roadblocks when amending bylaws to permit the installation of EV chargers.
  • Permitting Process: The process of obtaining permits for electrical work can entail red tape and cause delays in starting the installation process.

Balancing Equity with Demand

Not every resident in a shared building will own an EV, which raises issues about equitable use of shared spaces and resources.

  • Parking Allocation: Determining where to place EV chargers in a shared parking area—and how to reserve these spots for EV owners—can be contentious.
  • Future-Proofing: With EV adoption rates expected to rise, what may seem like an adequate solution now might be insufficient in the future.

Technical Challenges and Solutions

The technical aspects of establishing EV charging infrastructure can be daunting, but with consultation from experts, body corps can develop solutions.

  • Load Management Systems: These systems can balance the charging demand between multiple vehicles, preventing power outages or the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades.
  • Smart Charging Solutions: Smart chargers offer usage tracking and billing integration, making it simpler to manage individual resident consumption.

Engaging With Residents

Effective communication with residents can alleviate concerns and build consensus around the introduction of EV charging stations.

  • Educational Campaigns: Informing residents about the benefits and operation of EV charging stations can garner support.
  • Surveys and Feedback: Engaging with residents to understand the demand for EV charging can help in planning for the appropriate number and type of chargers.


The installation of EV charging stations by body corps is an intricate procedure littered with logistical, financial, and regulatory landmines. However, addressing these challenges head-on with a strategic, inclusive approach and supported by technological advancements can pave the way toward a more sustainable future for everyone involved. Residents and body corporate managers must come together to demystify the complexities of EV charging installation, ensuring that the necessary infrastructure can grow alongside the rising tide of electric vehicles.

If you are Body Corp/facilities manager and would help and advice in plotting your way around this complex subject contact me directly or fill in the contact form on our home page.



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