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EV Charging

EV Charging

Your premier partner in providing electric vehicle charge point design, installation and management solutions

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EV Connect takes pride in designing the perfect EV charging infrastructure for your needs, helping you make your charging experience more efficient and cost effective.

We are passionate about providing the perfect solution for your investment. We have in place a comprehensive consultation and site assessment program and, together with our extensive experience and expertise, we deliver an economic, safe and reliable EV charging project.

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We have a team of experienced technicians that manage and deliver every aspect of your EV charging infrastructure project.

Once the site has been assessed EV Connect can support every aspect of the project including installation of electrical infrastructure, commissioning hardware and providing customer training, all with safety and quality at the forefront of our minds.

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Our intelligent cloud based software solution gives full visibility of your charger network. Using real time data we can deliver 24/7 online support, manage your charger revenue payments, create and maintain your user database, provide analysis and reports.

From individual charger installations to large fleet and community networks EV Connect's charger management platform will energise your transition to this new era of transportation.

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Join our network and make a difference

At EV Connect, we believe that building a community around an EV charging network is essential for its success.

Our goal is to help home owners, communities and business owners to set up a network of charging points, giving EV drivers access to the energy they need to charge within their day to day routine.

With our trusted partner Clenergy EV’s software and mobile app we provide EV charging infrastructure that benefits the EV driver and the charge point owner.

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