Investing in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging systems in community and public spaces offers several significant benefits.

Enhancing Accessibility: It's not just about installing charging stations, but also about ensuring access to them. This includes prioritising installations in underserved areas and making sure that charging stations are available to all, not just homeowners with off road parking.

Improved Accessibility: By providing EV charging in community organisations, such as public facilities, schools, parks, and commercial areas, EV owners will have easier access to charging infrastructure. This increased accessibility can encourage more people to use facilities.

Community Engagement and Education: EV charging in community organisations provides opportunities for engagement and education. Workshops, events, and informational sessions can be organised to educate community members about the benefits of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. This fosters a sense of community involvement and encourages participation in the transition to sustainable transportation

Revenue Generation: Organisations can generate revenue by offering charging services to the public, offsetting the cost of installing and maintaining the stations.

Boosting Reputation: Offering EV charging signals a commitment to sustainability, which can enhance a charge point owner’s reputation. Many consumers today prefer to patronise businesses that demonstrate environmental responsibility.

Investing in EV charging infrastructure in public buildings and spaces can yield considerable benefits for authorities, both financially and in terms of enhancing their brand image. It is important to note that with the ongoing growth in EV adoption, these benefits are projected to further escalate. By educating themselves about the advantages of EV charging infrastructure, authorities can make informed decisions that will not only optimise their financial returns but also demonstrate their commitment to sustainable transportation solutions.


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